I dreamed
of my hands
the wood.

Gianni Speciale.

Research, planning, creativity, effort, waiting, nature, physics, care, luxury. The Speciale bike is all this and much more. It is a concept reinvented, an object so beautiful that it becomes a masterpiece to be experienced and exhibited.

Ninety days of time and one element: wood. These are the two most important factors of a Speciale bicycle. After a life of research, the designer Gianni Speciale, for his creations, has chosen American ash and mahogany.

Ash because it is very resistant and, at the same time, flexible. It is a “natural carbon fiber“, as Gianni likes to call it. This element becomes sublime for its ability to be worked and reworked, as happens in furniture, but also for its ability to represent a material suitable for sports, as objects such as baseball bats, oars or parallels.
Mahogany because it is a precious wood, of unequaled beauty and coloring, intended for important creations. It has excellent structural properties: it is compact, resists temperature changes and does not undergo changes over time.

From these ingredients the prototypes are born, from the prototypes the bicycles that Speciale realizes tailored to the customer’s needs even in the smallest details, in the most refined set-ups. Each Speciale is unique, because it preserves also the splendid imperfections of the handmade creations.

To reinforce the wooden frame, the rear dropouts in aluminum and stainless steel; the nuts and bolts that support them, the seat post and some plates, according to the model, are made of steel as well.

The Speciale design team is completed by a qualified craftsman frame maker, a craftsman for the production of dropouts (all creations are based on his drawings), but also some of the best suppliers of bicycle components in the world.

Everything comes from the mind, heart and hand of Gianni Speciale. The result is a masterpiece to be experienced and admired.

Each of us is special. I've decided to show it to the world by building my wooden bikes. I hope my clients fell special enjoying my bicycle.


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