Palermo is another border crossed by art and the sign of Gianni Speciale. It is an extreme bicycle with its curves that recall the baroque sinuosities of the wonderful Sicilian city. It is an ambitious, profound artifact, accentuated in shapes and intent, in conquering its space, to give strong emotions. The Palermo is a self-confident bicycle and subtly outrageous in its design. Built with excellent components, the result of passionate research by Speciale, the Palermo goes beyond the limit of the thinkable, but gives those who conquer it a stable ride and unparalleled safety. Assembled with Shimano’s first choice disc brakes, equipped with carbon rims and fork, forged from Columbus steel (unrivaled for bikes), Palermo is the result of a year of work and requires 90 days for its realization in unique and personalized piece. Palermo: curves, roots, design, history, baroque, emotions. In one word … Special.

wooden bike speciale palermo
bici di design legno speciale palermo

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