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Gianni Speciale is the designer who completely rewrites the concept of the word bicycle. He has created precious wood furniture for years and today has given new life to that material in a form that did not exist before. Who owns a Special brides a vision, a style. A Speciale bicycle is an extraordinary gift. To be exhibited, shown. A Speciale bicycle is a piece of art that deserves a place among the masterpieces of a house or in an exclusive studio. Is the manifestation of the beauty of wood, is a visionary expression of interior design that goes beyond the usual boundaries. Bringing it inside your home is a surprising gesture.
This is the essence of Design.


Wood craftsman, cycling lover, Gianni Speciale completely rewrote the design bicycle concept. His creations are jewels that sublimate the qualities of an exceptional element: wood. Each model of the collection pays tribute to the charm of Italian cities, a concentrate of timeless beauty.
wooden handle for bike milano vintage

Wooden bikes.

The wooden frames of Speciale bikes are completely handcrafted, in Italy.
The production is limited and environmentally sustainable, only few pieces are born from the Speciale workshop every year.
Each Speciale bicycle is unique, also because it preserves the splendid imperfections of handcrafted creations.

Luxury and
Interior Design

Who owns a Speciale brides a vision, shares style and elegance, wants its uniqueness. A Speciale Bike becomes a surprising design complement, to be admired and exhibited, even in your own home or office.

Choose your wooden bike.

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